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Self-adhesive Vinyl
Product Description
No. PV350W

Thickness :    95 micron
Specification :    1070mm/1270mm/1370mm/1520mm
Item Description / Specification
PVC Type Calendered monomeric soft PVC film
Thickness 95 ± 10 micron
Colour White
Tensile Strength ≧ 22 N/mm2 ( MD / CD )
Elongation ≧ 90 ( MD / CD )
Gloss ( 20° Gardner ) ≧ 30
Shrinkage ≦ 0.8 %
Surface Tension ≧ 35 dn/cm
Opacity > 80%
Adhesive Type Solvent based celar permanent adhesive
Dried Coated Weight 20 ± 2 gsm
DT20min Peel > 600g/25mm
DT24hrs Peel > 800g/25mm
Shear > 1000Min.
Release Force 50 - 150 g/50mm
Liner Type Single-side PE coated kraft
Colour White
Basic Weight 120 gsm
Standard Size Width 1070mm / 1270mm /1370mm 1520mm
Length 50 m/R ( 0 splice )
Durability 12 months ( Proper application & normal condition )
Application Good digital and screen printing performance  for outdoor signage display, vehicle graphics, etc.


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