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Sublimation Ink
Product Description

As a leading and professional ink supplier internationally, SSC INK team now uses its innovation to inspire and realize your Green ink dream through BIO ink for wide format digital printing. Apollo BIO solvent ink is a major breakthrough in respect to human health and protecting the environment. 

Bio Ink Facts: 
1. Made with renewable plant extract – therefore excellently designed for protecting human health and environment.  
2. Very wide color gamut.
3. Very low odor with limited needed for ventilation in the working area.
4. Shows Perfect adhesion quality to vinyl, strong bonding to uncoated substrates including rigid media, such as acrylic, Aluminum ,glass, wood, ceramics, metal and 
other substrates .
 High durability   3 years indoor life and 1.5 years outdoor life

Physical properties: 
1.Flash Point ≥64℃
2.Viscosity(cps)@25℃ 8-18 cps
3.Surface Tension(dynes/cm) 23-32Dynes/cmP2P
4.Particle Size <0.2u
5.Shelf Life 12 Months

Color Range:

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Cleaning solvent

Storage Conditions:
※ Keep away from children & pets. 
※ Storage temperature range 5°C-30°C Relative Humidity 20% - 80%. 
※ Avoid direct sun light & heaters. Avoid drastic temperature changes. Do not contaminate inks

Package: 100ml bottle
              1L bottle


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