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Mini laser engraver ssc-6540P
Product Description

This is a new version of SSC. Improved machine design, improved tube power and linear rails, making this version as a professional laser engraver.

Work area (mm)                 680*400 (single red dot pointer)

                                         660*400 (dual red dot pointer)

                                         650*400 (auto focus, with single red dot pointer)

Laser tube power                 60W

Engraving speed                  1000mm/s

Cutting speed                      400mm/s

Engraving depth of acrylic     2mm

Cutting depth of acrylic         Maximum depth 20mm(60w,80w)

Best depth                           12mm(60w,80w)

Communication interface       USB

Work table                           Honey comb board, Electric up and down 200mm

Minimum forming character     1*1mm

Maximum scanning precision   0.0254mm

Positioning precision              0.01mm

Power supply                       220V (or 110V) +/-10% 50Hz (or 60Hz)

Drive mode                         Step motor

Software included                Lasercut or RDcam

Design software                  Coreldraw, Autocad (compatible); Photoshop

Picture format supported   PLT, DXF, BMP, AI (direct) JPG, GIF, PGN, TIF (conversion)

Operation system             Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7

Engrave curve surface       Less than 1.5mm

Cooler                             Industry water chiller

Life time of laser tube       3000-4000 hours (60W)

Certificate                       CE, FDA


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