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Desktop Laser Engraver
Product Description

Model  SSC-5030D
Work area (mm):         500*300 (engraving work area)

                                 450*300 (cutting work area)

Laser tube power:       40W(Optional 50w/60W)

Engraving speed:         1000mm/s

Cutting speed:             400mm/s

Engraving depth:         2mm(acrylic,different by different materials)

Acrylic Cutting depth:   Maximum  10mm(40w) 20mm(60w,80w)

                                 Best depth6mm(40w) 12mm(60w,80w)

Communication interface: USB

Work table:                  Honey comb board, Electric up and down 100mm or 200mm

Minimum forming character:   1*1mm

Maximum scanning precision: 0.0254mm

Positioning precision:     0.01mm

Power supply:               220V (or 110V) +/-10% 50Hz (or 60Hz)

Drive mode:                 Step motor

Software included:         Lasercut/Rdcam

Design software:             Coreldraw, Autocad (compatible); Photoshop

Picture format supported: PLT, DXF, BMP, AI (direct);JPG, GIF, PGN, TIF (conversion)

Cooler:                          Water pump(chiller optional)

Life time of laser tube:   1000-1500 hours (40W)

                                   3000-4000 hours (60W)

Certificate:                CE, FDA


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