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Cabinet Type Mini CNC Router
Product Description

This machine has been designed for European clients with higher safety compliance requirements, all parts are enclosed within the cabinet area thereby reducing sound, dust and mechanical hazards. 

All parts have been CE certified making it suitable for home, office, school and factories environments; our air cooled spindles remove water cooling system requirements making this the most complete, convenient and safe mini router/engraver available. 

Model: SSC-6040C

Guide:             XYZ Square Linear Rails

Drive:              XYZ Ball screw

Work Area:      XYZ 400*600*60(mm)

Max feeding height:  90(mm)

Work table size:  840*480*20(mm)

Drive type:         Micro Stepper Motor

Spindle:             800w high speed(air cooled)

Max Speed:        400mm/min

Resolution:         0.03mm

Repeatability:        0.03mm

Interface:           NC Studio (PCI) Card

Command code:   HPGL, G-code

Spindle tools:      ф3.175, ф6 (mm)

Power:              AC240V 50-60HZ

Machine            Dimensions: 1030*830*860(mm)

Net weight:       186kg

Warranty:          12 Months (6 months for Spindle)

Software:          Ucancam V9, Ncstudio

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